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Stem cell therapy is considered the latest innovation in Medicine and holds a lot of promise. It has the potential to treat many ailments that have poor treatment options. This talk will examine the salient clinical trials that show the efficacy and safety of stem cell therapy. Additionally, the mechanism of action of stem cells will be discussed.

About the Speaker :

Dr. Sairam Atluri is a pioneer of stem cell therapy in the US. He published the first ever controlled trial using stem cells to treat severe low back pain. Also has written highly cited, review articles regarding treating Covid-19 with stem cells. Dr. Atluri is the Co-Editor of the largest textbook regarding Regenerative Medicine in Pain Management. He was also part of the team which wrote guidelines for the treatment of low back pain with stem cells. He is a regular speaker at the annual meetings of ASIPP, TOBI, and IOF which are the premier stem cell organizations in the US.

Organized by ASPIRE-BioNEST in association with School of Life Sciences, UoH