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Tulsi Therapeutics



Green Chemistry

Baebies Dx India

Multifunctional syndromic diagnostic testing solutions at point of care

exRNA Therapeutics

Exosomal RNA-based therapeutics

Niedlfree Technologies

Oral & amp; Nasal delivery platforms for drug substances

Novelgene Technologies

Genome editing & amp; High throughput sequencing

Urban Tiller

Alternative proteins plant-based

Vegen Labs

Drug discovery

Bycus Therapeutics


NeoCell Bio-Tech

Lazuline Biotech

Blood products

ReaGene Innovations

Alternatives to animal models, 3D cell printing

Convergent Biosciences

UR Advanced Therapeutics

Biomolecules and Therapeutics

Green Eco

Antimicrobial Peptides

GenoHelex Care

Personalized Medicine & amp; Genome editing

Unicas Biotech

POC Diagnostics for Covid 19

Dandu Biosciences

Working on recombinant peptides on diabetics

Oncoseek Bio

Spheroid models for diseases

Holocene Ecosolutions

Cyclic Economy

Algen Biotech

Algal metabolites as novel Nutraceuticals

Grus & Grade

AI-ML tools for agriculture


AI-ML tools for Cattle enumeration

Krismo Biosciences

Designing novel Bio Therapeutics

Mr Vydyanath Narsimha

Chromatographic Media for recombinant protein purification

Variant Genetics

Novel Diagnostic Tools

Siri Shourya Sciences

A Probiotic infused skin care formulation

Masaa Lifesciences

Antiviral topical use solution for controlling Covid

Vectrogen Biologicals

Algal metabolites as Human wellness products

Genome Foundation


Cology Biosciences

Preclinical Services

Biolve Biotech

30M Genomics

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