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Bioincubators Nurturing Entrepreneurship for Scaling Technologies

      Where It All Began

ASPIRE-BioNEST was inaugurated on National Science Day, 28th February 2018 by distinguished Biotechnologist Prof. G. Padmanaban of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore – who applauded it “By Far, The Best Bio-incubator”. The vision of ASPIRE-BioNEST is to create a world-class entrepreneurial ecosystem at the University of Hyderabad to become the only destination for technology-based start-ups in Life sciences. Currently, ASPIRE-BioNEST is known for its great infrastructure including the state of the art instrumentation for complete upstream and downstream processing of Biotechnology products. ASPIRE-BioNEST nurtures innovation and entrepreneurship in scaling technologies of Agriculture, Biotechnology, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and allied areas. ASPIRE-BioNEST is a deep science incubator with plug-and-play laboratory space equipped with modern instrumentation to perform any research in Life sciences. To support our start-ups working on COVIDl9, and also keeping the emergency situation in mind, ASPIRE BioNEST has created a new BSL2 facility.

ASPIRE-BioNEST has Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBSC), the facility has been recognized by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Received more than 100 applications till date, in which 45 applications are approved for incubation (rate of rejection is >50%), At present 33 start-ups are incubating and  12 incubatees are Graduated. Currently, our occupancy rate is 95% under both Equity and Non Equity modes. Our startups developed more than 15 products/technologies and created employment for more than 170 and through an internship, more than 250 Students are trained. And also more than 18 (including filed) IPs were generated, and 6th Rank within 1 year of establishment (Biospectrum India 2019), BIRAC BIG Associate partner, by keeping all these BioNEST achieved the best-emerging bio incubator in the country by BIRAC – 2021.

ASPIRE-BioNEST attracts Life sciences start-ups not only from the state of Telangana, but also from surrounding states like Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka mainly due to its academic ambiance, nurturing ecosystem, strong scientific knowledge base, supportive infrastructure, and diverse intellectual resources. Although we are supporting a good number of start-ups in the area of Biology, we are unable to cater the needs of some potential ideas that require the necessary While the UoH is the only University to be placed in the top 10 of ARIIA ranking under the Institutes of National Importance category, most of its innovative research is not translated into technologies.

About UoH

University of Hyderabad (UoH) is one of the top-notch research-focused, multidisciplinary science, and technology educational institutions it was Established on October 2, 1974, with the 1800-plus-acre campus in Gachibowli, the most happening area of Hyderabad, surrounded by major software and financial companies as well as other educational institutions. UoH also is endeavoring to create an enabling and vibrant ecosystem for translating part of its valued research into novel, innovative, and commercially viable technologies, products, and services. UoH has been rated the best Central University and accorded the unique status of being the fastest-growing university. UOH has been at the very top in all parameters in the NIRF, NAAC, and now the QS World Rankings, and is one of the first five universities in the country to be granted the University with Potential for Excellence.

The University strives to inculcate research culture and scientific temper among its faculty and students. UoH has a strong research policy that guides and promotes research and innovation activity on campus. It facilitates the promotion of research activity through section 8 company to improve the quality of research contribution. Research is encouraged not only through basic and interdisciplinary explorations but also by activities that focus on emerging societal needs and innovation. The University established state-of-the-art research laboratories in all the Science schools and advanced/specialized centers. A Coordinator of R&D, facilitates research and innovation and oversees the emergence and growth of newer areas of research and development in the University. The research and innovation efforts have led to regional, national and international collaborations, leading to joint projects and quality publications, and research student exchanges. The extension and outreach activities of the University enhance its reputation of the University by fulfilling its social obligations to the community.Innovation ecosystem: Established three incubators supported by TBI-DST, TIDE-MEITy, and BioNEST-BIRAC/DBT. Of these, TBI is active from the year 2011, TIDE from 2012 and BioNEST started its operations in 2018. There are three incubation centers, Technology Business Incubator (TBI) supported by DST, Technology Incubation and Development of Entrepreneurs (TIDE) supported by MoEITy and BioNEST supported by BIRAC. These three incubators hold 45 start-ups there by creating a vibrant start-up ecosystem in the campus. The UoH has been ranked 10th in the prestigious Institutes of National Importance and central universities category in the Union Education Ministry’s Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements.


ASPIRE envisions to create an inclusive and enabling resource platform for budding entrepreneurs in diverse science and technology fields. Its mission statement is to enhance and deepen the incubation activities and knowledge enterprise initiatives at UoH and thereby create a vibrant entrepreneurial eco-system on the campus. Currently, there are 3 incubation centres (ICs) functioning under ASPIRE, i.e., ASPIRE-BioNEST, ASPIRE-TBI, and ASPIRE TIDE, providing incubation support in the areas of Life Sciences, Pharma & chemistry as well as materials and IT & Electronics, respectively.  TBI was established with the support of DST, TIDE supported by DietY and the BioNEST was established with support from BIRAC/DBT. These ICs are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and necessary instrumentation.

The ICs are spread over 50000 sqft, with excellent infrastructure and plug-and-play state-of-the-art lab suites. Put together the three ICs shall cover almost all the major areas of research and provide ample opportunities for the budding entrepreneurs emerging from the campus as well as from surrounding region. Since the beginning, the ICs together have supported more than 80 start-ups and helped them to translate their ideas into technologies. At least 5 of the graduated companies have entered the market space and generated more than 5 cr revenues each. The ICs created nearly 300 jobs, supported the filing of 20+ patents and enabled the development of >15 products, while a few more are in the pipeline. In its recent foundation day celebrations on 12th March 2022, 2 new products developed by M/s 30 M Genomics (Rapid, portable and inexpensive PCR) and M/s Grus & Grade (Upajguru, a Block chain based platform for farmers) were launched by Dr. Krishna Ella CMD, Bharath Biotech and Dr. S. Chandrasekhar Hon. Secretary, DST, Govt. of India, respectively. One investment was formalized into a start-up M/s UR Advanced Therapeutics by the promoters of GVK Bio and agreements were exchanged on the same day. Two technologies developed by a start-up M/s Reagene Innovations on Covid19 diagnostics were transferred to an US based pharma company M/s Lay Science Inc. for scale-up and marketing. One technology on Biotherapeutics and one technology on Pharma intermediate enzymes developed by M/s Bycus Therapeutics was transferred to another Biotech company M/s GeneSys Biologics for scaling up and marketing. The excellent all round growth of ASPIRE-BioNEST has enabled it to bag the “Best Emerging Bioincubator in the country” honour for the year 2021.

In order to increase the participation of students, researchers, and faculty in the innovation and entrepreneurship activities, ASPIRE started pre incubation program through a concept competition exclusively for UoH community. Pre incubation program not only creates awareness among the fraternity about entrepreneurship but also enables the students and researchers to have the first-hand experience.  Under this program, the selected candidates shall be provided incubation space along with limited consumables & chemicals free of cost to implement their idea. The executing team also gets technical and business mentoring support from experienced mentors, besides free access to all the common instrumentation facilities at the ICs. They also get benefited from all the training programs and conferences which are being conducted periodically. Upon completion of the tenure, the successful ideas will be nurtured further to participate in the funding challenges organized by different government bodies and private venture capitalists for taking it to the next level.

Expanding on this concept, ASPIRE now proposes to train the youth of socially disadvantaged groups in entrepreneurial capabilities. 

Awards & Impact Created

ASPIRE-BioNEST achieved the best-emerging bio incubator in the country by

BIRAC – 2021




technology / product launched

Interns Trained

Jobs Created

What We Offer

State of the Art Infrastructure for Life Science and BioPharma

Modern plug and play dedicated biology labs

Highend analytical equipment, Access to UoH common instrumentation facility

Largest life sciences incubator in Hyderabad with 23000 sft facility that supports upto 54 startups

Mentoring and Hand holding assistance

Patent Guidance

Free access to high-speed internet, Wifi, Online Library and other resources

Seed Fund Assistance, Grooming for grants

Networking with faculty (UoH) and Trainings, Workshops, Seminars and webinars, etc